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The 10 Advantages to Event Marketing With Continuum

  1. Event selling is immediate and compelling: you can't change the channel or turn the page
  2. Events put consumers in an "up" and buying mood
  3. Marketing partners in our events have already had their audience qualified-they get a "rifle shot" to their customer (contrast this with billboard advertising!)
  4. Event selling produces far fewer "lookers" than any other form of advertising. If they're at the event, they are typically ready to buy (refer to our demographic information - buyers not browsers)
  5. Event marketing partners can accomplish any one of a multitude of objectives: immediate sales, picking up leads, advertising new locations or new products, passing out samples. (Imagine trying to do this with newsprint!)
  6. Events are an ideal medium for test marketing or launching new products-you get to know your customer as they evaluate "what's new," and gauge their reactions.
  7. Events are an excellent venue for showing a potential customer how you are different (or better) than your competitor
  8. Event selling is very cost-effective when compared to other forms of marketing.
  9. Events are an "anti-internet" business! A great form of face-to-face marketing allowing you to create experiences for your clients.
  10. Showbiz is still a growing medium even in today's economy.