Looking to Sponsor

At Continuum Productions we are constantly striving to sell beyond our sponsors expectations by taking the time to understand what our sponsors want to achieve through our events.  As recognized sponsorship industry leaders we focus on the 10 key success factors that make sponsoring our events so successful for our partners.
  1. We do our homework - It is important for us to make sure the fit is there for our partners so we make sure we understand your marketing goals and objectives before we present opportunities
  2. We know what we have to offer - We understand our event inventory which allows us to price based on our worth not our needs. 
  3. We get to the point and communicate opportunities clearly
  4. We are flexible - understanding that sponsors needs require creative flexibility
  5. We make our partners stand out - providing the exact event visibility our sponsors are looking for
  6. We don't over promise & under deliver - we pride ourselves on value added benefits
  7. We create value & ROI - measurable and successful returns on your investment in our events
  8. We manage the sponsorship and help leverage it creating additional opportunities for return.
  9. We think long term - we prefer strategic fits that can grow with our events versus quick one offs
  10. We evaluate and report back on each sponsorship post event - providing metrics to measure return and plan future activation.