Training Services

Cost effective, practical and insightful, Continuum Productions are not interested in making your sales & sponsorship staff theory smart. We train and speak based on real day to day techniques that have been proven in the event industry workplace after years of testing. Continuum offers many half day, full day and multi-day training programs which we run in-house with your team. Working with so many clients over the years has allowed our team to create and implement simple, fun and effective result driven programs.

The core of our training is based around how adults retain information. Many people are wonderfully talented yet make poor teachers or coaches when they try to explain how they do things. Understanding human behaviour is the key to building better habits. Once we coach and teach the habits that fit your need, our customer care team will stay with the project and apply metrics to help you determine the ROI from our involvement with you.

Sales & Sponsorship Training Courses offered:

  1. Sell More Exhibit Space level 1 - Using a Sales Pipeline Program
  2. Sell More Exhibit Space level 2 - Using a Fishbone Program
  3. Increase Exhibit Space Sales with Purpose Pieces
  4. How to Sell More Sponsorships - An insight into the successful consumer & trade show programs developed by an industry veteran.
  5. Servicing Your Sponsors - The 10 things that all sponsors expect.
  6. Sponsorship Audit - what are my event assets worth.
  7. Maximizing Your Floorplan - Increase your yield, maximize your experience.
  8. Customer Service Should Never Be A Destination - Customer Care for today's event world.